Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Craft - Life Cycle of the Chicken - Hatching Baby Chick


Card Stock (we used blue)
Orange Construction Paper
Yellow Construction Paper
2 Googlie Eyes
Scrapbook Glue Tape
Brass Fastener (or ribbon)
Hole Punch


Print out this egg on Blue Card Stock

Cut it out, and cut the egg in half at the midway zig zag

Have child color in the egg

Attach 2 pieces of the egg together either with a brass fastener or by punching 2 holes and tying it together

Cut a bowling pin shaped "chick" out of yellow paper

Have child help you affix the beak with scrapbook glue tape and the Googlie Eyes
Use glue tape to affix chick to back of the bottom of the egg, so it is peeking out

Life Cycle of  a Chicken Chart

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