Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ocean & Sea Creatures

Hands and Foot "Lobster"

I used a foam brush to brush red paint on my son's hands and then pressed to paper, do the same with the foot, but make sure to face the heel UP (I made the mistake of doing it right side up and had to cut out the prints and glue them in the right direction after the fact!)

I found it was easiest to do this activity in the bathroom, with child undressed and ready to jump in the tub and rinse off the paint right after making prints - maybe a good "pre-bath" fun activity.

Add 6 legs on the body, eyes and antenna after making prints

Paper Tube "Octopus"

Paper towel roll painted, let dry
Draw on face
Decorate bottom half of tube however you like (we used paint dots using Q-Tips)
Cut bottom half into 8 strips to make tentacles
I also punched a hole on each side of the head to hang with ribbon, or you can leave as-is

Reading Rainbow


Seashore Surprises 
Great episode about the beach, featuring many shellfish and small sea creatures.  No real "book" featured, just a reference book about the sea.  LeVar hosts the entire episode and it is very educational and entertaining.

Is this the House for a Hermit Crab? (Book featured by the same name) 

Narrated by Eartha Kit

 "Saving Ocean Animals"/Catching Bubbles game in bath using 5 inch net from pet store and plastic figures of creatures

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