Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Craft - Paper Roll Butterfly or Elephant - Color Mixing/Cutting

 Materials I used:

1 Toilet Paper Roll
2 Q-Tips
Paints of various colors (I used red, blue, and white and we did color mixing)
Googlie eyes
Construction Paper - Red for large hearts, White for small hearts, which we painted, White paper for the "proboscis"

My son loves bugs so this craft was fun to do.

We practiced color mixing by mixing red and blue to get purple and then we painted a toilet paper roll purple

I traced 2 large hearts and 2 small hearts on construction paper

He used child safety scissors to help me cut the hearts out, with me guiding his hand (so they acutally looked like hearts in the end!)

We painted the small hearts purple but left the large hearts red, only dotting with pink paing (we mixed red and white to make pink)

We painted 2 Q-Tips blue for the antennas, which I taped inside the roll once they all dried
We attached googlie eyes and painted on a red smile

Then, since my son is into nature and keeping things "real" I cut a paper strip from white paper and using scissors I had him help me curl it and glued it, with curl facing downward, to form a "proboscis" so the butterfly can drink nectar when he pretend plays with it later.

We have plastic flowers from Michaels that he uses for his bug figures to play with.

*This craft could easily be altered slightly to make an "Elephant" for E day for the alphabet, or for Valentine's Day.  The "proboscis" would become the trunk and you'd leave off the antennas.  

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