Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Y - Learning the Alphabet - Yellow Submarine Craft etc.

 Paper Tube "Yellow Submarine"

1 Paper Towel Roll
1 Toilet Paper Roll
Yellow and Black Paint

Cut hole in paper towel roll and insert toilet paper roll
Affix with masking tape
We painted tubes yellow together, let dry
Cut "door" in submarine so toy figures can go in and out
Draw on circular "windows" or stamp on with sponge (that's what we did)

Then we watched the Beatles video for 'Yellow Submarine' and talked about who the Beatles were in music history.  The instruments in the song led us to talk about other music...

And since we just got it from the library, we also read Wynton Marsalis' book "Squeak, Rumble, Whomp" which is all about how music can be heard in everything we do

and then we watched Wynton Marsalis on Mister Rogers and listened to all the musicians on that episode

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