Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Craft - Feeding Worms to Baby Bird/Nest - Fine Motor

Yesterday we made a clothes pin "Robin" mama with "worms" from pipe cleaners

Today, by my son's request, we made a nest and a baby bird to feed


Small Paper Plate
Brown and Yellow Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Popsicle Stick
Brown Crayon
Blue Construction Paper

 Baby Bird
Small white paper plate cut into the shape of a baby bird (kind of a bowling pin shape)
Orange and Black Crayons
2 Googlie Eyes
Elmer's Glue
2 Feathers
Small Diamond-Shaped Piece of Construction Paper (or better yet, card stock)
Hole Punch
Scrapbook glue tape

How To:

The night before - 

with Elmers Glue
Glue the Popsicle stick to the back of the baby bird that you cut from a paper plate
Glue the 2 feathers to the baby bird shape
Let dry overnight

In the morning -

Baby Bird -

Have child color the bird orange and black
Fold diamond shape in half to form an open beak
Affix with scrapbook tape to bird's face
Attach Gogglie Eyes
With hole punch, punch 3-4 holes inside the mouth, large enough to fit a pipe cleaner easily with minimal dexterity (your child has to be able to insert the worm while holding the clothes pin "mommy bird")

Nest -

Use scissors to cut a small slit in the center of the paper plate using adult scissors (to insert Popsicle stick so the baby bird can sit in the nest)

Have child color the paper plate with a brown crayon (I forgot this step)
You cut brown and yellow paper into strips and apply glue stick to the strips
Have child place the gluey strips to the paper plate to build the "nest"
Once you do that, you can insert the "baby bird" so that it can sit in the nest and wait to be "fed by the mama bird" - the Robin from yesterday's craft

Also, cut out several blue ovals and apply glue stick and have child put the eggs in the nest. 

Now you did a craft together but it's also an activity!

Your child can have fun picking up worms with the clothes pin mama bird and feeding them to the hungry baby bird.

Works on fine motor skills and it's fun!

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