Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Robin and Worms Craft and Activity - Fine Motor Skills, Counting, Sorting, Cutting and Painting

Robin with worm in her mouth, in the grass

Clothes Pin
Empty cereal box
Green and Brown construction paper
Acrylic paint - Black, Orange, Yellow
Q-Tips and thin paint brush
Googlie Eyes (smallest)
Pipe Cleaners in variety of colors
Child scissors and adult scissors
Scrapbook tape roller
Green crayons

Have child help as much as you think they can handle...

Bird/Robin -

Have child help you paint the clothes pin with a Q-Tip and small brush in orange, black and yellow
When it dries, affix Googlie eyes on either side

Grass Patch -

Cut side off of cereal box
Have child color a brown piece of paper with various green crayon shades for "grass blades"
Cut paper to fit inside cereal box, glue down with scrapbook tape

Use long and short pieces of construction paper (green and brown) to cut "patches of grass", let child cut paper into blades, glue down with scrapbook tape to bottom of cereal box where you glued the brown paper before (bend the blades of grass to make them more "grass-like")

Worms -

Cut pipe cleaners into 3" pieces and fold the pointy ends down in a loop against the pipe cleaner to make rounded tips on each side (so it's not so sharp to play with)

Bend pipe cleaner to make it "wiggly" shaped


Fine motor skills of "catching" worms with the clothes pin, finding them in the "grass"
Sorting worms by color
Counting how many of each color worm

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