Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Craft - Life Cycle of the Frog - Frog Catching Fly


Large Paper Plate
Markers - Green and Red
1 Party Blower
1 Black Pom Pom
2 Small Googlie Eyes (for fly)
2 Large Googlie Eyes (for frog)
Elmers Glue
Frog Life Cycle Chart, found here
Green Paint
Masking Tape
Adult Scissors


Use Elmers glue to glue pom pom to end of blower, add googlie eyes with glue (I laid a magazine over the extended blower to hold it open and in place so pom could dry on it, about an hour before we began the craft)

Fold paper plate in half

 Have child color inner circle red for frog mouth, outer rim green

Paste or tape frog life cycle chart to back of paper plate, allowing room for hole for blower
Cut hole for blower

Insert blower and tape in place with masking tape

Paint top of plate and back with green paint (we used a foam brush and acrylic paint), let dry 

Draw on nostrils and affix googlie eyes

Once it is all dry, you can let the child play with the blower

Also, don't forget to go over and explain the life cycle of the frog and metamorphosis  :)

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